Brands/König Ludwig

König Ludwig is special German beer, which is brewed with the use of traditional Bavarian recipes. In 1260 Ludwig Stern of the House of Wittelsbach in Munich founded the first court brewery. Since then the traditions, the quality and the royal bloodline are non-replaceable attributes of König Ludwig beer. Today, His Royal Highness Prince Lyuitpold Bavarian continues the brewing tradition of his family and pays personal attention to this process every day. Besides its native German ones, the brand collects awards from all over the world. In 2008 König Ludwig Weissbier Hell was recognized as the best wheat beer in the world at World Beer Award under the aegis of the famous international magazine Beers of the World. And in 2010 König Ludwig Dunkel was awarded a silver medal at the Asian Beer Award in the category "best dark beer /dark wheat beer" and won high marks in all categories, including appearance, aroma, taste and quality of the beverage. 

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