The history of Carlsberg Ukraine


The history of Carlsberg Group in Ukraine dates back to 1996, when BBH Ukraine, owned by Hartwall (Finland) and Orkla industrial group, joined hands with the Open Joint Stock Company Slavutich Brewery and Beverage Plant in Zaporizhia, which in its turn was founded on the basis of Zaporizhia Brewing Plant No 2, built in 1974. In 1996 Slavutich Brewery and Beverage Plant installed new cutting-edge equipment, specially manufactured by various leading brewery machinery companies of the world.


A tremendous influx of investments made it possible to increase the full capacity of the open PJSC Slavutich Brewery and Beverage Plant in Zaporizhia by more than twofold, and what is most important, to offer in May 1998 the beer lovers a beverage which by its qualitative characteristics is highly competitive with the beer produced by world’s leading brewing companies. In 1998 the history of TM Slavutich begins.


Carlsberg Group and Lvivska brewery have signed agreement in August, 1999. 35 million US dollars were invested into the Lvivska brewery since the beginning of cooperation. Thanks to large investments the enterprise is updated and has the latest equipment; the labour conditions have improved and pricing policy has become more perfect, also the workers' qualification has increased. Lead specialists pass the training in the Scandinavian School of Brewing in Denmark, Orkla Brand Academy (Norway) and prestigious schools in Ukraine.


In April 2000 an important and outstanding event took place: Carlsberg Ukraine and Beverage Plant concluded a partnership agreement with PepsiCo Inc Company, which in its turn entitled PJSC Slavutich Brewery and Beverage Plant with an exclusive right to produce and sell Pepsi, Mirinda and 7UP non-alcoholic beverages throughout Ukraine.

This year the Danish brewing company Carlsberg concluded an Orkla group stock transfer agreement. These two companies united their interests in order to create a more powerful formation known as Carlsberg Breweries (60% of its shares used to belong to Carlsberg and 40% to Orkla).


In December 2001, in compliance with the decision reached by Carlsberg Breweries board of directors, Carlsberg Ukraine obtained a license to produce one of most famous world beer brands — Tuborg. The same year PJSC Slavutych became a winner in the annual national Person Of the Year program in the Best Trademark of the Year nomination.


In 2002 the Hartwall Company sold its BBH shares to Scottish & Newcastle (S&N), a famous British company.

This year was also made a decision to build a new brewing plant in Kyiv. In September, during the beer and beverage competition, which was held as a part of the Beer Fest — 2002, the international jury experts awarded the Carlsberg Ukraine products two Grand Prix: Tuborg Gold: For the stable high quality of licensed beer” and “For the production of high-quality lager Slavutich Extra”. The PJSC Slavutich was also given two gold medals for the high quality of its Slavutich Ice and Slavutich Beer. In November 2002 the Choice of the Year international festival and contest for the second time rated Slavutich as a Number One Beer in Ukraine.


An important event in the history of Carlsberg Ukraine and Beverage Plant took place on September 9, 2003, when the company obtained ISO 9001-2000 certification (quality management certification) and ISO 14001-1996 (environmental management: industrial safety and environmental control).


In March 2004, Carlsberg Group has purchased 40% of shares of Carlsberg Breweries holding from Orkla.

Grand opening ceremony of Carlsberg Ukraine took place in June. Carlsberg Ukraine is a real model of perfection, embodiment of leading global innovations in brewing and building. Carlsberg Ukraine is the most modern brewery in Europe.


In April 2005 Carlsberg Ukraine mastered the manufacturing of the new licensed Tuborg Green beer.
In Oktober the first museum of brewing in Ukraine was opened by Lviv Brewery. The museum is dislocated on more than 500 square metres in the building of XIX century. Its visitors can get to know with the world history of brewing from the old times till our days. An exclusive collection of various displays containes ancient bottles with proprietary labels, antique beer goblets from different Europian countries, ancient barrels for beer transportation, advertisement materials, books with recipes dated the end of XIX century and so on.


In 2006 Kyiv brewery has started the production of two licensed brands — Baltika 3, Baltika 9 and a worldwide known trademark Carlsberg. In August, 2006 the new PET package, which later was called "Super Pack" was put into production. The new bottle is meant for such beer types as Slavutich Svitle (Light) (2 litres and 1 litre) and Slavutich Mitsne (Strong) (1 litre). The main peculiarity and advantage of the new package is additional protection of beer from environmental impact. Owing to the fact, that plastic which is used for the production of these PET-bottles has two protecting elements — amosorb and special matter (element), — beer preserves its original taste.


The main project of 2007 is the restart of the major local brand of BBH Ukraine, e.i. Slavutich. The restart program was developed yet in 2006 and its implementation project has started in spring, 2007. In the framework of the TM Slavutich restart program, the bottle's external appearance was changed, taste was improved and positioning was changed as well. In spring, 2007 the company has started the production of the worldwide popular Australian beer Foster's. In the result of a successful Slavutich restart, its sales growth made up 125% and the trade mark has got the fourth position at the Ukrainian market. In September, 2008 BBH Ukraine has started the production of a famous German beer Holsten. At the conclusion of 2007 the market share of BBH Ukraine made up 20.4%. Tuborg takes the first position while Baltika takes the second position in the premium segment.


On the 28th of April, 2008 Carlsberg Breweries has stated it launches the purchasing scheme of "Scottish&Newcastle" business. Carlsberg has become a sole owner of BBH Ukraine. BBH Holding folded up and companies which were previously included, passed into the ownership of Carlsberg Group.

The first filling of Kvas Taras at the Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery took place in Kyiv at the end of May. Kvas Taras is a soft drink of live fermentation brewed out of natural components only: rye and barley malt, barley, crystal pure water and yeast. New product is filled into the PET bottles of 2,1 and 0.5 litres capacity.


This year company Carlsberg Ukraine has started the production of two new sub-brands of TM Slavutich ICE — ICE Mix with a flavour of green lime and ICE Mix with a flavour of red-pipe cherry. Both beverages are sold in aluminium cans, capacity — 0.5 litre while ICE Mix with lime favour is also available in a stylish bottle.


The company starts import of Mexican beer Corona to Ukraine and Moldova. In a framework of the contract that was signed between Grupo Modelo and Carlsberg Ukraine the later got an exclusive right for import, distribution and promotion of the brand Corona in Ukraine and Moldova.


The first bottling of the premium beer Baltika 7 Export took place at the Carlsberg Ukraine in March 2010. This beer type has become the forth in a brand Baltika line, that is produced under licence in Ukraine. New trade mark is sold at the market of Ukraine in the bottle, capacity — 0.5 litre. The filling of Baltika 7 takes place at the Carlsberg Ukraine and Beer and Non-alcoholic Beverages Enterprise in the city of Zaporizhzhya.

In May, 2010 the line of Kvas Taras brand was extended by a new apple flavour. The kvass of live fermentation includesnatural apple juice that makes this soft drink healthy even further, it adds a milder zest and perfectly refreshes on a summer day, furthermore it also enriches the body with necessary microelements.

The company Carlsberg Ukraine has extended the line of TM Slavutich ICE with a new refreshing taste of Slavutich ICE Mix Mojito in May, 2010. Mixture of lime, mint and ice beer has become the youth interpretation of the famous Cuban cocktail. New beverage has become the third sub-brand of TM Slavutich ICE.

In April, 2010 Carlsberg Ukraine has performed the first filling of a new German beer type Holsten Pilsener. The new trade mark is produced under the licence of Holsten Brauerei AG on Carlsberg Ukraine.

The rebranded refreshing tea of TM Top Tea has appeared at the Ukrainian market at the beginning of June, 2010. The rebranding of the product included package and recipe and was carried out by specialists of the Carlsberg Ukrainen close cooperation with industrial company EcoProduct which production facilities are engaged into beverage production. Carlsberg Ukraine is an exclusive distributor of this product. Top Tea is represented in two flavours — black tea with lemon and black tea with peach. New cold tea is available in the package with capacity of 0.5 litre.

In July 2010, the product line of the first Ukrainian beer Lvivske has been enriched with a new beer type — Lvivske Zhyve (Live), created according to the best traditions of Lviv brewers. Lvivske Zhyve (Live) preserves the original taste and aroma of a hop beverage. This is lager unpasteurized beer with 4.8 % alcohol content. The peculiarity of the brand is the absence of pasteurization (heat treatment) and, accordingly, a short shelf life of the product which makes 30 days at standard temperature. The new brand has become the result of continuous work of the technologists and brewers of the company as comparatively long shelf life of "live" beer has been achieved due to the combination of the habits of Lviv brewers' ancient traditions and the use of modern brewing technologies.


In December 2010 the company starts the distribution of premium-class beer Negra Modelo of the Mexican company Grupo Modelo. Carlsberg Ukraine has an exclusive right to distribute the beer in Ukraine and Moldova.

In the middle of 2011 the company started distribution of well known brands: Guinness, Kilkenny and Harp.

In November 2011 Carlsberg Ukraine and Warsteiner Group, the German beer producer, have signed an agreement on distribution of the world famous beer brands Warsteiner Premium Verum and Warsteiner Premium Fresh in Ukraine.


Carlsberg become the Official beer of the Championship UEFA EURO 2012™. Carlsberg Ukraine launched Carlsberg Non-Alcoholic Beer especially for sales at the stadiums during UEFA EURO 2012™.

On April a new beer cocktail — Slavutich Ice Mix Tequila — fresh mix on the basis of light beer with the taste of tequila, lime and lemon appeared in Ukrainian stores.


Since August company strated import of Belgium beer Grimbergen.

The company finished it's legal renaming on Public Joint-Stock Company Carlsberg Ukraine.