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February 28, 2008
Activity results of B Ukraine group of companies in 2007

  • Sales volume in natural units: 6,830 thousand hectoliters, + 42%
  • Sales volume in money terms: (according to IFRS standards, after VAT and excise duties): 314 million USD, +47%
  • Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA): 47 million USD, +60%
  • Operating profits: 22 million USD, +135%

In 2007 Ukraine group of companies has executed a number of successful projects due to which the company has greatly improved its market values.

Sales growth of group in 2007 made up +37% at the total beer market growth +19.4%. As a result BBH group's share market has increased by 2.6% comparable with 2006 and made up 20.4%.

In 2007 the company has successfully realized the restart project of the major brand "Slavutich". Due to the results of the year the sales volume of this trade mark has reached a record point - «"Slavutich" became No. 4 brand in the market of Ukraine (against position No. 8 in 2006). Sales growth of "Slavutich" made up 125%. The market share of "Slavutich" continues its steady growth and in January 2008 -trend "Slavutich" has overcome the point of 2 million hectoliters for the first time in the brand's history.

The premium segment in Ukraine showed its growth by 30%. At year-end the company brand "Tuborg" has increased by 41% in sales and continues to be leading in the premium segment with the share of 22.5% in the segment. During the year, under the guidance of the brand, a number of large music events took place among of which are "Tuborg GreenFest", "QievDance 2007" and many others. BBH brand "Baltika" also takes No. 2 position in the premium segment. Sales volumes of "Baltika" in 2007 increased by 38%; the brand's share makes up 20.2% in the premium segment. Sales growth of the world-known "Carlsberg", which has been produced in Ukraine since 2006, made up 166% last year.

In the partnership with the world's strongest man Vasyl Virastyuk a number of promotion actions of TM "Arsenal" were successfully hold last year. In spite of the beer sales reduction in econom-segment, where the brand belongs to, TM "Arsenal" sales were increased by 7% in 2007.

In 2007 BBH group of companies has started the production of two new licensed beer brands: Australian "Foster's" and German trade mark "Holsten". The launch of "Foster's" took place in June 2007. The brand has shown high sales values from the first days of its appearance the shop shelves and now it continues to grow in the segment of transparent glass. In spring 2007 BBH Ukraine breweries have started the production of the German beer "Holsten".

Moreover the range of existing portfolio of BBH Ukraine brands has been widened. Particularly in 2007 the production release of the beer in new package, in cans of such types as "Lvivske 1715", "Slavutich Svitle (Light)", "Carlsberg", "Tuborg" and "Holsten" has been started.

Besides the beverage "7UP" has been successfully launched in 2007. Due to the results of the year the market share of the product made up 2% in the segment of beverages with flavour of lemon and lime. The market share of the drink "Pepsi" in the segment increased by 10% last year and reached 25%.

In 2007 the export volume has made up 370 thousand hectoliters which was +81% higher than last year.
The beer made by BBH Ukraine group is sold in 16 countries all over the world. Sales volume in the countries of near abroad (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belorussia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia) has made up 358 thousand hectoliters in 2007. "Slavutich Svitle (Light)" in the PET-package has become the most traded beer in the countries of near abroad.
In 2007 more than 11 thousand hectoliters of beer, mostly of TM "Slavutich" and TM "Lvivske" in the glass and tinned package, were sold in the countries of far abroad (Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Estonia, the USA).
Due to the results of 2007 BBH Ukraine group of companies became No.2 company in the beer market of Moldova.

In 2007 prices for the company's products has been increased by 10% on an average (against the country's inflation of 16.6% according to the State statistics service).

Financial performance
The main economic characteristics of the company's activity for 12 months of 2007 (according to the data of financial reports made due to IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards).


Sales volume
in mln. liters
Net profit
on sales

2006 481 1 078 mln. UAH
(213 mln. USD)
2007 683 1 585 mln. UAH
(314 mln. USD)
42 %

47 %





Gross profit 568 mln. UAH
(121 mln. USD)
53 % 810 mln. UAH
(160 mln. USD)
51 % 43 %
Earnings before amortization, taxes and financial items (EBITDA)
147 mln. UAH
(29 mln. USD)
14 % 235 mln. UAH
(47 mln. USD)
15 % 60 %
Operating (EBIT) 48 mln. UAH
(10 mln. USD)
4 % 113 mln. UAH
(22 mln. USD)
7 % 135 %
Net - 7 mln. UAH
(- 1 mln. USD)
- 1 % 43 mln. UAH
(9 mln. USD)
3 %  

In 2007 the company's investments have been about 100million USD and were mainly directed to enlarge the production capacities in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhya. A part of investments was also forwarded to buy shop cooling equipment.

Peter Chernyshov, Chief Executive of BBH Ukraine group of companies: "Restart of the main brand "Slavutich" was a basic project of 2007 for us. We are proud that we have managed to break the market situation in the average-price segment and to achieve huge growth of our trademark!
We have also managed to increase the market share of our company due to the fact that we developed and grew quicker than the market. At the present time our goal is to secure and increase our successes in 2007."

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