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May 27, 2008
Activity results of BBH Ukraine group of companies in the 1st quarter of 2008

  • Sales volume in natural units: 1,370 thousand hectoliters, +42% up to the similar period in 2007.
  • Sales volume in money terms: 64 million USD, +48 %
  • Earnings before amortization, taxes and financial items (EBITDA): 2 million USD, -12%
  • Operating profit: -5.6 million USD

Dynamics of operating margin is determined by the unfavorable situation on the world commodity markets as well as by rising energy and transport tariffs.


Increase in sales of the main local brand "Slavutich", as well as the development of the licensed brands caused the further premumization and growth of the company's brands portfolio. The growth of all brands of BBH Ukraine made up 40% in the first quarter of 2008. This growth indicates the positive dynamics which is ahead of the market growth (the market growth is +13%). In the first quarter of 2008 BBH Ukraine group has launched several innovative promotion campaigns for different brands which ensured the growth of brands.

The growth of the brand "Slavutich" in the first quarter made up 177% due to the successful restart of the brand which began in 2007 and as a result of innovative promotion campaign "Money under the cover" which was launched on March 20th.

Two BBH brands - "Tuborg" and "Baltika" - continue to be leading in the premium segment in the Ukrainian market. The growth of "Baltika" made up 16%.

In the first quarter of 2008 the company is ready for the launch of two new sub-brands - "Tuborg Twist" and "Tuborg Black", while developing a portfolio of brands through innovations. "Tuborg Twist" is a lager beer with lemon and lime taste. "Tuborg Black" is a dark beer with a special ingredient - guarana. The retail sale of "Tuborg Twist" and "Tuborg Black" will be presented in bottles of 0.5 liters with the original cork "with a whistle." The launching strategy of two new sub-brands "Tuborg Twist" and "Tuborg Black" is innovative for the Ukrainian market. This strategy provides massive "duel" between the two products. From June to October 2008 "Tuborg Twist" and "Tuborg Black" will compete with each other for the customers' votes. The sub-brand that attains the maximum number of votes will remain in the market.

Excellent dynamics can be seen in other licensed brands as well: the growth of "Carlsberg" made up +21%, "Holsten" and "Foster's" grow at the level of other premium marks.

brands of econom-segment demonstrate high growth notwithstanding the total reduction tendency in the segment: "Arsenal" increased by 19% and "Lvivske" by 16%.
In the 1st quarter the company was actively preparing for enlargement of non-beer range of products- lauching of kvas. At the end of May Kyiv brewery "Slavutich" will start the production "Kvas Taras". The widening of beverages line will allow the company to strengthen its positions in the segments it had never been presented before. BBH presents the main feature of kvas - "Kvas Taras" is not a carbonated beverage but a natural product

In 2008 the average net price of the company's products increased by 4% per liter comparable with 2007. Herewith the average price rose by 8% due to the increase of prices; the average price decreased by 4% due to changes in sales structure between segments. This change in structure took place thanks to the successful restart of "Slavutich". The sales volume of this brand is almost three times higher comparable with the last year.

In the first quarter of 2008 the export has increased in 2 times in comparison with the first quarter of 2007.

Financial performance
The main economic characteristics of the company's activity in the first quarter of 2008 (according to the data of the financial reports made due to IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards).



 1st quarter of 2008

1st quarter of 2007

change 2008/2007, %

Sales volume

mln. liters




Net profit on sales

mln. UAH




mln. USD




Gross profit

mln. UAH




mln. USD




Gross margin





Earnings before amortization, taxes and financial items (EBITDA)

mln. UAH




mln. USD




Profit margin before amortization, taxes and financial items





Operating profit (EBIT)

mln. UAH




mln. USD




operating margin





Net profit

mln. UAH




mln. USD




Net margin










Average rate USD






Peter Chernyshov, Chief Executive of Ukraine group: "In the first quarter the unfavorable situation in the world commodity markets, inflation and a significant rise in transport and energy tariffs did not allow us to achieve positive dynamics of operating margin. Loss of the first quarter was planned in the budget of the company. However, we have taken all measures to achieve annual profitability rates put in the budget. The growth of our trade marks indicates that our company continues to grow faster than the market. We hope that we will improve profitability indexes".

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