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March 30, 2007
BBH Ukraine results in 2006

  • Sales volume in natural terms: 4810 hectoliters, + 6%
  • Sales volume in money terms: $213,000,000, +17 %
  • Income before deduction of amortization, taxes and financial items (EBITDA): $29,000,000, +11%
  • Operation profit: $10,000,000, +4%


In 2006 the BBH Ukraine continued to increase market share in premium segment. By the results of the year the brand "Tuborg" has fixed its #1 position in premium segment. In 2006 its share made up 19.9 % according to ACNielsen. The #2 position in this segment was given to the BBH-licensed brand "Baltica" (its share in 2006 in premium segment was 19.5 % according to ACNielsen). This success was driven by the effective introduction of marketing communications.

In 2006 at its Kiev factory the BBH begun to issue two new licensed brands — "Baltica 3" & "Baltica 9", and also world famous mark "Carlsberg". Moreover, the assortment and the design of existing portfolio was expanded and updated. They began to bottle Slavutich Ice beer into new firm glass bottle in capacity of 0.5 liters and in cans. In 2006 the design of the label of "Slavutich Ice" was changed.

At the end of May, the Kiev Brewery "Slavutich" began to produce "Tuborg Green" beer in aluminum cans.

Before the project of the first party of "Carlsberg" beer production was started, there was conducted a multistage system of audits according to the requirements of the "Carlsberg Breweries" company (Denmark). The persevering work that began in fall of 2005 by the experts of the company was successful: test brewing of "Carlsberg" received a high evaluation of skilled Danish tasters. As a result, "Slavutich" received approval to manufacture the world-known brand that has been winning the affection of its fans all over the world for hundred and fifty years.

In August, 2006, the production of new plastic package called SuperPack started.  New sorts of beer are bottled into the new bottle — Slavutich Light (1 liter and 2 liters) and Slavutich Strong (1 liter). The main feature and advantage of new package is additional protection of beer against the influence of environment. Due to the adding of two protective elements to the plastic used for production of these bottles, such as amosorb (adsorber of oxygen) and a special substance (element), beer better keeps its initial taste. The effect of amosorb and the ultra-violet "blocker" was confirmed by the results of an independent laboratory "PreSens" (Germany) and by certificated laboratory of package manufacturing company "Yuniplast" (Dnipropetrovs'k). 52,413 hectoliters of "Slavutich" beer were bottled into new plastic package in 2006.

The tour around Ukraine called "Tuborg Green Revolution," with the concerts of "Body Rockers" band in the largest cities of Ukraine took place in fall of 2006.  "Tuborg Green" pleased its admirers by entertainment, competitions and prizes. "Tuborg Green Revolution" took place in Odessa, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv. The tour has passed under slogan — "Dance Explosion in Your City!" The main prize of "Tuborg Green Revolution" was the participation in shootings of the film "The life in Tuborg style" that took place in one of the picturesque Turkish resorts. Ten guys who showed various emotions before the video camera, told stories and presented beer can or Tuborg Green beer were lucky to win the prize.

The concert of legendary Norwegian group "A-Ha" with their new album "Analogue" took place in Kiev in October of 2006.

The Company continues successful development of export sales. The volume of export in 2006 totaled 2,038 decaliters of beer which is 46 % more than in corresponding period of the previous year.

The beer produced by the BBH in Ukraine is sold 15 countries of the world. In 2006 the deliveries to three new markets — Poland, Italy and Turkmenistan begun.


The average net price for a liter of production of the company increased by 11 % in 2006 compared to 2005. This was caused by price increase for the products of the company, and also by increase in unit weight of license beer sorts in total sales volume of the company.

Financial data

The main economic results for 12 month of 2006 (according to financial reports with IFRS — International Financial Reporting Standards).

Sales volume

Sales volume, mln litres
Net sales

2005 454 918 million UAH
(179 million USD)
2006 481 1 078 million UAH
(213 million USD)
6 % 17 %







Gross profit
464 million UAH
(91 million USD)
51 % 568 million UAH
(121 million USD)
53 % 22 %
Profits before amortization, taxes and financial items (EBITDA) 133 million UAH
(26 million USD)
14 % 147 million UAH
(29 million USD)
14 % 11 %
Operating profits (EBIT) 46 million UAH
(9 million USD)
5 % 48 million UAH
(10 million USD)
4 % 4 %
Net sales
24 million UAH
(5 million USD)
3 % - 7 million UAH
(-1 million USD)
- 1 % - 129 %

In 2006, the company made some changes in its staff. Investors of the BBH Ukraine, Carlsberg Breweries and Scottish & Newcastle, appointed new top-management team, namely — CEO, operations vice-president, sales vice-president, marketing vice-president.

The appointed company management developed the strategy (in particular, on development of a brands portfolio) and started the realization of three-year plan of reorganization of the company and process improvement. Last year the company created workgroup for development of the Pepsi business in Ukraine. The creation of this group was caused by the company's desire to increase essentially the manufacture and sale of soft drinks which are available in the BBH Ukraine portfolio.

The CEO of the BBH Ukraine Petr Chernyshov
commented on the financial results:
"2006 was not very easy for the company. The company was not absolutely ready for ‘the beer season' because of staff changes.  Nevertheless, we managed to succeed in certain directions: our production takes advanced positions in premium segment confidently. In 2006 we made basic steps to improve market positions of the company in various branches."

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