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July 11, 2010
OJSC Lvivska brewery and Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery initiated the introduction of unified share

On the 25th of June in Zaporizhzhya and on the 29th of June in Lviv the stockholders' meetings of Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery and OJSC "Lvivska brewery" took place respectively. The main issue on the agenda of both meeting was the approval of the agreement of going over to a unified share for OJSC "Lvivska brewery" and Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery. 25 shareholders that hold 93.8% shares of the company took part in the meeting in Zaporizhzhya. The same number of people holding 99.63% of shares in total took part in the meeting in Lviv.

On both meetings the shareholders supported the decision to change over to a unified share for the companies and fixed the terms and conditions of exchange of OJSC "Lvivska brewery" shares for Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery ones. The decision was made by the qualified majority of OJSC "Lvivska brewery" and Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery shareholders.

The exchange will be held at a ratio of 1 share of OJSC "Lvivska brewery" with face value of 50 UAH for 50 shares of Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery with face value of 1 UAH. For the shareholders who didn't vote or supported the changes and applied for the redemption of their share the repurchase price was set: 150 UAH for a share of OJSC "Lvivska brewery" and 2.10 UAH for a share of Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery.

At the meetings the members of the commission on the transition to a unified share of OJSC "Lvivska brewery" were elected. Peter Chernyshov, Chief Executive of the company was appointed the head of the commission.

It should be noted that this decision is a logical completion of the assert consolidation of Carlsberg Group in Ukraine and it complies with the routine of European business. In fact both companies have been managed as a unit for a long time. So, by the transaction the management structure established by years of work will be legally confirmed, while the business processes and top management of the company won't change.

Peter Chernyshov, Chief Executive at , Carlsberg Group: "Change to a unified share is an important step facilitating the transparency and clarity of our business for investors and financial analysts, which in its turn leads to capitalization increase of the company. I'm sure that the process will run smoothly and in compliance with the interests of every shareholder".

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