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December 10, 2010
Financial soundness of Joint-Stock Company Slavutich Brewery is confirmed by the Credo Line rating agency

JSC Slavutich Brewery was assigned short-term credit rating. An independent evaluation of the company reliability was carried out by the Credo Line Information and Rating Agency. By results of the survey the company was assigned a short-term "crBB" credit rating which means a high level of solvency and financial stability.

The methodology used by the Credo Line for short-term credit rating is based on a complex analysis of the customers' financial performance, their internal business processes, and external factors at country risk evaluation. The rating of the agency traditionally consists of the letter abbreviation cr (credit rating), which means the type of the rating being assigned, and the letter grade from D to AAA, where D is the lowest rating and AAA is the highest one. The short-term credit rating is valid for 3 months from the date of its assignment.

By results of the survey JSC Slavutich Brewery had received "crBB" rating which indicates a high level of the company solvency and financial stability, even taking into account the fact that it is liable to the influence of the country risks.

Despite the economic crisis of the recent years, the company continued and still continues the honest fulfilment of their obligations to counterparties, including financial institutions. At the same time, "Slavutich" has never violated the terms of credits' and interests' repayment.

The country and sector risks have influenced greatly on the company's credit rating. Thus, due to the estimation procedure by Credo Line, Ukrainian companies cannot get the "A" category ratings at this stage because of the high country risks.

The Credo Line Information and Rating Agency has been working in the Ukrainian market since 2008; it is the only one rating agency in our country, which assigns credit ratings for Ukrainian importing companies while carrying out foreign economic activity.

Alexander Hovyadin, CFO of Slavutich, Carlsberg Group: "We have managed to get a high credit rating for Ukraine, due to the laborious daily work and responsible approach to our credit portfolio. And we have proved in practice that, despite the unstable economic situation, reduction of purchasing power and significant devaluation of hryvnia, we still guarantee the fulfilment of our financial obligations. "

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