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December 14, 2011
Peter Chernyshov is elected to the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine for the fourth time

November 30, 2011, elections to the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce were held. As a result of voting, the Managing Director at Carlsberg Ukraine, Peter Chernyshov, was elected to the board of directors of the association.

The Board of Directors is the supreme governing body of the American Chamber of Commerce, which is responsible for defining strategic priorities of the association activity. Annually, up to 16 representatives become its members. For the fourth straight year, the companies-members of the association elect Peter Chernyshov as a member of the Board of Directors, which is an evidence for high trust to his candidacy in the business community.

Jorge Zukoski, President of American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine: "Thanks to the annual elections to the Board of Directors, we are attracting the most initiative members of the organization to active participation in representing the interests of the international business community in Ukraine. The upcoming 2012 promises new challenges and ambitious goals, but we are confident that we can cope with them, particularly, thanks to Mr. Chernyshov".

Peter Chernyshov, Managing Director at Carlsberg Ukraine: «The American Chamber of Commerce is one of the most effective business associations of the country, and its activity is aimed at protecting the interests of both the Ukrainian companies, and foreign investment in the country, as well as enhancing the investment attractiveness of Ukraine. It's a great honour for me to take active part in the work of the Chamber".

American Chamber of Commerce began its activity in Ukraine in 1992. Today it is one of the most influential business associations in Ukraine. One of the main objectives of the organization is to represent the interests of foreign investors operating in Ukraine, as well as to facilitate the entrance of new investors in this market. Most member companies - are the largest strategic investors, operating in Ukraine. Among the members of the Chamber, there are companies from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Russia and Ukraine.

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