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April 5, 2012
Carlsberg Ukraine Company increases a number of glass bottles reuse

In 2011 Carlsberg Ukraine Company — one of the largest producers of beer and non-alcoholic beverages at the Ukrainian market — reused more than 400 million of glass bottles. It allowed not only to cut expenses of the company for purchase of new glass packaging, but also to reduce significantly the quantity of the solid household waste polluting the environment.

According to the results of 2011 the actual factor of bottle returning exceeded the 65% level of a number of secondary sales of beer in glass package at the Ukrainian market.

Carlsberg Ukraine Company has developed and introduced the target program of the returnable package usage in 2008. After staring the project the company was able to keep the leading positions supporting the high level of the bottles turnover in comparison with other Ukrainian brewing companies. And due to the joint project with the tare operators the company promotes the growth of glassware gathering level in Ukraine.

The company promotes essential decrease the of 2 emission level, which is known to be produced in considerable quantities during producing new bottles by meeting of more than 2/3 demand in the turnover packaging and 1/3 deliveries of the new glass packaging. The project of broken glass gathering and returning of glass to manufactures for processing also promotes the important decrease of 2 emission.

Yury Bykoriz, First deputy Chief Executive, Carlsberg Ukraine Company: “For the Carlsberg Ukraine Company environmental care is a strategic question. One of this project's priorities is not only the expense optimization but also the preservation of the environmental purity, care about which is based upon strategic principles of the company's social responsibility policy. We pay much attention to environmental issues. For this reason we constantly work at the decrease of new packing usage and promote the reuse and recycling of packaging”.


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