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April 5, 2012
The Lviv brewery summarized its activity in 2011

The Lviv brewery which is a part of the company Carlsberg Ukraine* has summarized its activity in 2011. There has been poured more than 160 million liters of beer at the brewery for the accounting period. Also it has been paid 1 098 million hryvnas in budgets of various levels by the company Carlsberg Ukraine for the last year from which 13,5 million hryvnas are taxes and tax collections paid in Lviv.

A number of programs of capacities modernization and introduction of the newest technologies has been introduced on the Lviv brewery during 2011. In particular it was the automation of the industrial equipment and updating of the filtering elements that would allow to cut down the expenses in the specified directions to 2,4 million hryvnas. Besides the brewery invested considerable amounts into the projects aimed to preserve the thermal, power and water resources and on the actions designed to improve the working conditions and the environmental effect of the enterprise. The total amount of the enterprise investments in these projects was 12,6 million hryvnas in the previous year.

It is necessary to notice that due to the accurate policy of the company concerning environment preservation in the period from 2006 to 2011 by investments and introduction of the newest technologies the general power consumption of the Lviv brewery which also allowed to reduce the amount of water flows and improve their quality which was testified by the results of the supervising bodies' analyses. Also the possibility of getting into the city sewage system of biologically active wastes (yeast, brewing waste, kvas, beer) that potentially could lead to souring and formation of unpleasant smells is completely eliminated at the enterprise.

The initial stage of treatment plant construction according to the developed Project of building sewage pump station with the embedded clearing block that passed by examination established by the legislation in 2011. The completion of all works of the first stage (neutralization and mechanical clearing) is planned for 2012. The budget of this part of the project makes about 10 million hryvnas.

Besides the Lviv brewery actively participated in cultural life of all Western region last year. Particularly, the enterprise presented to the city a unique monument to brewers for 755 anniversary of Lviv. Also the brewery acted as the partner of such events as the City Day in Kamenets-Podolsk, a concert of the famous German orchestra “Blasorchester Schott Jena” in Lviv devoted to 20 anniversary of the independence of Ukraine, the ethno-jazz festival “The weather vanes of Lviv” and the annual bikers' festival “Music Bike Ukraine” in Uzhgorod in 2011.

Lviv brewery is one of three production plants of Carlsberg Ukraine. The capacity of the industrial lines of the enterprise makes 297 million liters of beer and non-alcoholic beverages per year. Today such beer brands as “Lvivske”, “Baltika”, “Slavutich”, “Arsenal”, “Zateky Gus” and the real live fermentation kvass “Kvas Taras” are produced at the brewery. 321 people work at the enterprise.

Roman Golovnya, Director of the Lviv brewery: “Last year we introduced the technological innovations that allowed to take the production into the new high quality level. This year we plan to continue integration of electricity savings projects that will help us to reduce power consumption and our influence upon environment though it is minimal now. Also one of the important objectives for 2012 is a successful holding of the European football championship as our brewery is the representative of the official sponsor of tournament in the city”.

* Open Joint Stock Company "Beer and non-alcoholic industrial enterprise “Slavutich”


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