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April 12, 2012
Lviv Brewery is for the fifth time among the most eco-friendly enterprises of the region

Lviv Brewery was included into the environmental rating of Lviv region, which was made by the State Administration for environmental protection in Lviv oblast, as a socially responsible enterprise adhering to all ecological requirements.

The aim of the eco-rating is to raise the level of observation of environmental norms and requirements by the companies-producers concerning the environment. One of the rating's main tasks is to make the enterprises to take measures to prevent and decrease environmental pollution.

Making the eco-rating for 2011 the State Administration for environmental protection selected 43 enterprises of Lviv region. The authors of this rating estimated the companies according to the criteria that distributed the enterprises into five classes, according to their influence on the environment. Every class has a colour indicator: the best is green — for following the environmental requirements by the enterprise, and the worst is black. The “green” class includes only 7 enterprises, one of them is Lviv Brewery.

You may see the environmental rating of the State Administration for environmental protection in Lviv oblast here.

Lviv Brewery is one of three production sites of Carlsberg Ukraine Company. The capacity of the enterprise's industrial lines is 297 liters of beer and non-alcoholic beverages per year. Today the brewery produces such brands as “Lvivske”, “Baltika”, “Slavutich”, “Arsenal”, “Zatecky Gus” and live fermentation kvass “Kvas Taras”. 321 people work at the brewery.

Miroslav Khomyak, Head of the State Administration for environmental protection in Lviv oblast: “We have made the environmental rating of Lviv area for the sixth year. We saw positive changes in the relation of some companies to the environment. Today the “green” class includes 7 enterprises, but there were only two in 2007. By the way Lviv Brewery is included into the list of the most eco-friendly enterprises of our region for the fifth time.”

Roman Golovnya, Director of Lviv Brewery: “Carlsberg Ukraine Company, which includes Lviv Brewery, has very high requirements for environmental standards. Every year we introduce different projects aimed to preserve natural resources and environment, thus, we confirm our social responsibility. In 2011 the total sum of the enterprise's investments into these projects was 12,6 million hryvnas. We are very happy that our enterprise is included into the “green” class of this rating, and we plan to improve our environmental figures this year.”

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