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October 5, 2007
Slavutich JSC will increase collective investment fund by 345 million UAH

The Slavutich JSC management is planning to increase its collective investment fund by 345 million UAH (about 70 million USD) by means of additional issue of 345 million shares at the existing face value (the face value remains the same and makes 1 hryvnya per one share of stock). This decision will be discussed during the stockholders' meeting which will take place on the 23rd of November, 2007 at 11 o'clock at the following address: 15 Sovetsky pr., Zaporizhzhya, 69076, on the premises of the Hortytsky Recreation Centre.

Previous and prospective increases of collective investment funds were caused by the necessity to increase the facility and reflect the progress of Ukrainian beer market in general and the "Slavutich" company in particular not only in 2007, but also in future. Such decision is completely supported by the BBH proprietors (50% of Baltic Beverages Holding stock belongs to Scottish &Newcastle and 50% to Carlsberg).

The investments will be spent not only on increase of the facility, but also on development of logistics and further implementation of innovations. Thus, the monthly productivity of Slavutich will increase by 245,000 hectoliters and will make 795,000 hectoliters of beer per month.

Petr Chernyshov, general director of BBH Ukraine: "This year, BBH stockholders are completely satisfied with the boost of sales in Ukraine — it even outruns the speed of the market growth. In our turn, we understand that for more effective work on such rapidly growing market as Ukrainian one we need more productive capacity to satisfy the needs of our consumers. For this reason we decided to issue the shares stock instead of simply providing financial support by crediting machinery in Ukraine. It's a well known fact that "fast" money is much cheaper in Europe, than in our country".  

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