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October 10, 2012
Slavutich brewery completed the process of legal renaming to Public Joint-Stock Company Carlsberg Ukraine

On October 8, 2012 at Zaporizhzhia brewery an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the Public Joint-Stock Company Slavutich was held. The main issue of the agenda was the change of the company's name to PJSC Carlsberg Ukraine. There was also discussed the introduction of changes into the company's charter and its internal regulations due to its new name.

The shareholders and their representatives holding 94.16% of shares participated in the meeting. Due to the unanimous resolution of the participants the Public Joint-Stock Company got the new legal name — PJSC Carlsberg Ukraine.

Natalya Bondarenko, Legislative Director at Carlsberg Ukraine: «The legal name change of the Joint-Stock Company was the final step in the long-term integration process of our company into the international Carlsberg Group. Last year in the course of the above process all external symbols of the company — the company's e-mail, website, corporate symbols as well as positioning among consumers and customers were changed. Now all these amendments got a documentary support».

You can check the documents and principal financial news of the company here.

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