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August 21, 2006
NBC "Slavutich", OJSC has acted with intention to increase the authorised fund of the company by 252 million 50 thousand UAH

NBC "Slavutich", OJSC has acted with intention to increase the authorized fund of the company by 252 million 50 thousand UAH (almost 50 million US dollars) with the help of additional issue of 252 million 50 thousand shares with an existing face-value (face-value will not change, and will be 1 (one) UAH per share). This decision will be considered during the General meeting of shareholders which will take place on October 10, 2006 at 11:00 at the following address: 69076, Zaporizhzhya, Hortyckyy pr., Soviet Avenue, 15 in a "Hortyckyy" recreation center.

The forthcoming and previous increase of authorized capital is made due to the necessity to increase capacities and reflects the growth of Ukrainian beer market in general and "Slavutich" company in particular not only in 2007, but also in future. This decision is completely supported by investors of BBH (BBH is a 50/50 owned joint venture between Carlsberg A/S and Scottish & Newcastle plc.), they are confident about the potential of "Slavutich" and of opportunities to increase the market share. Great hopes are also put on new top-management which has headed the company recently and step by step carries out the goals declared for the shareholders, namely: increase of the market share and improvement of financial results.

About 2/3 of investments will be directed to NBC "Slavutich", OJSC in Zaporizhzhya, 1/3 to Kiev Brewery "Slavutich". Investments will go not only for increasing of capacities, but also for development of logistics and further introduction of innovations. Thus, monthly beer capacity of "Slavutich" will increase by 110 thousand hectoliters, and will make 455 thousand hectoliters of beer per month accordingly. Concerning monthly parameters of soft drinks capacity they will increase by 90 thousand hectoliters, and will make accordingly 180 thousand hectoliters of soft drinks per month.

"The decision of our investors confirms their absolute confidence in the potential of Ukraine and in abilities of "Slavutich" company to increase its market share. I'm very glad that BBH is sure about the development of Ukrainian economics and growth of well-being of the population and completely trusts a new team of top-managers, comments Peter Tchernyshov, the General Director of "Nonalcoholic Beer Combine Slavutich", OJSC. I call attention to the fact that all existing shareholders will have an opportunity to keep their own share in company's capital, in fact, all of them will be offered to subscribe proportionally to the quantity of shares they own. Also I wish to emphasize that our shareholders were always serious about the rights of minorities and considering practice of the previous issue which took place in November, 2002 all minority shareholders will be given an opportunity to keep their shares. I'm convinced that the offer to buy shares at a face-value is a favorable capital investment for the shareholders".

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