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November 30, 2007
Slavutich increases its statutory fund by 72.2%

JSC Slavutich Brewery intends to increase its statutory fund by 358 million UAH (by 72.2%) by means of additional stock issue with nominal value of 1 (one) hryvnia per share. This decision was made at the General meeting of shareholders which took place on November 23d in Zaporizhzhya. Public placing of shares with nominal value of 1 (one) hryvnia will pass two stages: from December 20th, 2007 till August 4th, 2008 and from August 5th till August 30th, 2008.

89,596 million UAH, received from the share placing, will be used for the production expansion of JSC Slavutich Brewery (Zaporizhzhya). It is planned to buy 8 new cylindroconical vessels, 3 beer tanks and filtration line separator, to make automatization of malt syrup container and so on. 2 lines for filling beer into glass bottles (50 thousand bottles per hour each) will be bought as well. This project also includes purchasing of an automatic labeling machine and a mixer for beverages. A line for filling beer into kegs will be bought and production capacities will be increased. Capacity of new line is 240 kegs per hour. A part of the income will be invested into expansion of non-alcoholic beer production.

For the development of Kyiv brewery "Slavutich" 27,272 million UAH will be invested into purchasing of line for filling beer into cans and a line for filling beer into glass bottles.

40,545 million UAH will be invested into incensement of filling beer volume into polyethylene bottles at JSC "Lvivska brewery".

Peter Chernyshov, Chief Executive of BBH Ukraine group of companies: "We have finished the beer season of 2007 rather successfully. Growth of our company is ahead of the market growth rates. Enlargement of the statutory capital was caused by necessity to increase capacities and it reflects the growth of the Ukrainian beer market as a whole and of the company "Slavutich" in particular not only in 2007 but also in future. Apart from increase of capacities the investments will be directed to logistics development and further introduction of innovations". 

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