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February 3, 2014
Peter Chernyshov Leaves Carlsberg Group. Evgeniy Shevchenko Appointed as CEO of Carlsberg Ukraine

Carlsberg Group and Peter Chernyshov, CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine and Carlsberg Group's Vice President for Eastern Europe, agreed that on February 15, 2014, Mr. Chernyshov will leave the company to pursue his career outside the Group. Evgeniy Shevchenko was appointed the new CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine.

Peter Chernyshov started his career at BBH in 1999, and ever since his area of responsibility was growing. In 2006, he was put in charge of the company's operations in Ukraine, developing its new vision and business strategy and building a strong management team with passion to deliver results. Despite the difficult situation on the market, he made serious inroads in developing the beer category, building strong relationships with customers and reforming the company. In 2012, he became responsible for other markets in Eastern Europe (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan).



Evgeniy Shevchenko previously held the position of Sales Vice President at Baltika. During the last two years, he successfully managed Baltika's sales division consisting of 7,000 full-time and part-time employees and accounting for about 30% of Carlsberg Group's sales. During this period, Baltika's market share began to grow again despite a very challenging and competitive environment. From 2008 to 2012, Mr. Shevchenko was CEO at Carlsberg Uzbekistan. He built a strong management team and distribution network, as well as a strong portfolio of local and international brands. Before joining Carlsberg Uzbekistan, Mr. Shevchenko was CEO of Aldaris (Latvia) for two years. During this period, he significantly improved the company's performance and created a stronger top management team.

"I'm glad that Peter Chernyshov helped me manage the companies in the region. He did it with great passion, just as he managed Carlsberg Ukraine for many years, and his focus on results and commitment helped all of us to benefit. I wish him success in his future career. I strongly believe that Evgeniy Shevchenko is the ideal choice for the role of Carlsberg Ukraine's leader. He has all the necessary expertise and qualifications to meet the challenges that await Carlsberg Ukraine and take the company to new highs of profitable growth. We will miss him in Baltika's top management team, but his new role is very important for the Group and is the right step for his personal development. I wish him great success in his new role," said Isaac Sheps, Carlsberg Group's Senior Vice President for Eastern Europe, President of Baltika.

"I'm very sorry to see Peter Chernyshov leave us to continue his career outside Carlsberg Group. During his time with the Group, Peter always achieved the most ambitious goals. He built and completely revamped our business in Ukraine and made an important contribution to the development of the Eastern Europe region. I would like to thank Peter for his leadership and commitment to the company. We wish him all the best. I'm sure Evgeniy Shevchenko, with his rich experience in sales and company management, will be very successful as the CEO of Carlsberg Ukraine. His impressive track record and experience in creating long-term relationships with customers and consumers will be very useful for our team in Ukraine," said Jorgen Buhl Rasmussen, President and CEO at Carlsberg Group.

The appointment of Evgeniy Shevchenko as the CEO at Carlsberg Ukraine will be effective once he receives his work permit.


Additional information

Evgeniy Shevchenko:

Evgeniy Shevchenko was born on April 9, 1976 in Nizhny Tagil (Sverdlovsk region). He graduated from the Ural State University with the degree in World Economy. He began his career in 1996 in marketing and sales. In 2000, he was appointed as the director of the Ural branch of Lebedyanskiy OJSC. In 2002, Evgeniy Shevchenko became Sales Director of Zolotoy Ural brewery (today, it is a part of Baltika-Chelyabinsk), which was his first job at Carlsberg Group. After the merger of Vena and Zolotoy Ural in 2004, he was appointed as the Regional Business Manager of the Northwest region at Vena OJSC. In 2006, he became CEO of Aldaris (Latvia), part of Carlsberg Group. In 2008, he was appointed as the CEO at Carlsberg Uzbekistan. On February 1, 2012, he became Sales Vice President at Baltika. He is married with three children.

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