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Notification about the leadthrough of Primary Query of Suggestions within the framework of tender`s cleaning rooms manufacturing workshops, offices, domestic premises and adjacent territory of Kyiv, Zaporizhzhya and Lviv plant of PJSC "Carlsberg Ukraine",

PJSC « Carlsberg Ukraine» notifies about beginning of collection of primary suggestions within the framework of leadthrough of tender in 2015 and invites companies to give the suggestions.

Date of beginning of reception the primary suggestions - from the moment of announcement`s publication
Date of expiration of primary suggestions` reception - 03.06.2016 17-00
Suggestions must be sent to the electronic address:

Organizer: Department of Purchases of PJSC «Carlsberg Ukraine»
the Contact person: Novikov Dmitry Andrey
044 490 29 29044 490 29 29, internal: 1062

Required documents:
Purchase documentation

Please note that PJSC «Carlsberg Ukraine» has no contract signing commitments to the companies which have submitted the proposals.


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