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Social responsibility of our company is an integral part of the strategy.

In Carlsberg Group, the structure of corporate social responsibility (CSR) management was established in 2008. Its goal is to create a global basis for CSR, which can be efficiently adapted to the company's activity.

CSR management at Carlsberg Group is multifunctional. CSR Steering Committee fulfills general strategic management, while local and functional experts are responsible for the daily implementation of the principles.

The strategy of Carlsberg Ukraine development, as part of Carlsberg Group, is based on generally accepted principles of successful economic existence of the companies, one of which is social responsibility. The CSR management of the company is well-structured and integrated into business activities.

The social activity of Carlsberg Ukraine is based on the strategy of openness and covers eight areas: environment, responsible consumption, concern for the society, marketing communications, labour rights and human rights, health protection and safety engineering, business ethics, supply management.

Six of them are accompanied by the corporate social responsibility policy:

The CSR Steering Committee of Carlsberg Ukraine includes the members of the Board of the company, as well as managers, responsible for the appropriate areas. The Committee oversees and approves the principles, processes and implementation of CSR.

The management structure of corporate social responsibility


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