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Strategy of company

The strategy of Carlsberg Ukraine development is based on generally accepted principles of successful economic existence of the companies, one of which is corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company does honest and transparent business, builds loyal relationships with society, and takes care of environment. The source of this strategy is the awareness that the company operates in a modern open society, and harmonisation of the relations with external social environment is the key to the successful and stable work.

Carlsberg Ukraine, like all the companies of Carlsberg Group, uses high ethical standards in its relations with the employees, customers, partners, shareholders and local communities.

Integration of CSR into the activities of our company allows to reduce costs, minimise and manage risks, attract and retain the employees, as well as strengthen our brands and business in general. CSR is the compass, which ensures that we are moving in the right direction.
The socially responsible approach to business in our company is based on the following principles:

  • observance of the laws;
  • qualitative satisfaction of consumers' wants;
  • providing the highest quality of our products;
  • assurance of the highest quality of our products;
  • labour protection and investments in the development of the staff capacity;
  • care for the environment;
  • system approach to the construction of trustworthy and mutually beneficial partnerships; 
  • openness and transparency.

CSR is an integral part of the corporate business system of our company.


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