Production/Kyiv Brewery

Kyiv brewery  was officially opened on the 7th of June, 2004 and nowadays it is the most modern brewery in Ukraine. Here the most advanced brewing and building trends are put in action. Comfortable and functional facilities planning is the main feature of Kyiv brewery. Same room accommodates shops, departments and services. The facility is effectively divided into industrial and sanitary areas, and all departments working closely together are located next to each other. Besides, the brewery is rigged with the latest beer industry equipment manufactured in Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. And the technological process itself is designed with a glance at the latest energy saving, health and environment protection technologies.

Enterprise's mission is to satisfy the demand of Ukrainians in quality domestic beer and to raise the culture of its consumption.

Kyiv brewery  has got the certificate of international standard ISO 9001 (product quality control) and ISO 14001 (environmental management systems).

The outturn of the first manufacturing line of Kyiv brewery  is more than 300 mln.. The total amount of investments made for the brewery construction comprised more than 50 mln. Euro. The number of employees at Kyiv brewery  exceeds 200 people.

The construction of the second manufacturing line of Kyiv brewery  was finished at the end of June, 2005. Modernization had several stages: the silo tanks assembly (containers for malt storage), increase in capacity of brewing and fermentation workshops, increase of depots capacity and power equipment capacity (refrigerating equipment, water treatment equipment and air compressors). After commissioning the second manufacturing line the total annual output of Kyiv brewery  has reached 430 mln. litres. The company has invested about 11 mln. euro into this project.

The assembly of additional technical equipment in the bottling shop, and in filtering and water conditioning departments as well as in the silo and yeast departments were performed in the year of 2006.

Kyiv Brewery produces the following beer brands:


- Slavutich ICE

- Arsenal







- Zhigulivske

Zateñky Gus

Kvas Taras

Rozmai L³sovyi

Retro collection