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Lviv Brewery

Lvivska brewery was founded by monks at the request of count Stanislav Pototskyi in 1715. From that time on the enterprise is a symbol of Lviv and the brewery is so-called face of the city which represented Lviv at the all stages of its development with dignity.

At the middle of the 19th century the brewery has already become one of three superior breweries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the largest enterprise of brewing industry in the region. During Soviet Union the enterprise was turned into the Lvivske State Enterprise of food industry "Kolos" which incorporated five breweries in Western Ukraine. In 1993 the enterprise was privatized and then turned into the Open Joint Stock Company “Incorporated Enterprise “Kolos”.

Cooperation with Carlsberg Ukraine has started in 1999. In this very moment a new stage of development has started for OJSC Lvivska brewery: investments into brewery's modernization exceeded 35 mln. USD. All the time the brewing technology improves and the products' quality is brought to correspondence with the highest global standards.

The outturn of Lvivska brewery manufacturing lines is 231 mln. litres per year. The number of workers at the brewery is 321.

Lvivska brewery is committed to development in the segment of traditional beer, keeping up old traditions of flavour and quality. The enterprise's mission is: “Save venerable brewing traditions for future generations”. Actualizing this mission, the enterprise maintain and restores old recipes, using state-of-the-art technologies.

In 2004 Lvivska brewery received certificates acknowledging QMS and EMS conformity with international standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 1996.

Lvivska brewery is a true symbol of the city engaged into charitable activity, aiding city and region development.

Lvivska brewery had anniversary in 2005: this year the most ancient brewery celebrated 290 years of its existence. Long before the celebration the “Gambrinus in Lviv” exhibition devoted to the 290's anniversary of Lvivska brewery opened in Lvivskyi Historical Museum. Being a co-organizer of the exhibition, Lvivska brewery presented some exhibits which made up the exposition of the first Ukrainian “Beer Museum”.

The Lviv Brewery produces the following beer brands:



- Arsenal



- Zateky Gus

- Kvas Taras

Rozmai Lsovyi

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